Beth Zemsky builds on best practice approaches to concentrate on organizational development with organizations working towards social change and structural transformation including foundations, non-profits, education, and faith-based.

Mary Jo Wimmer  provides professional training and consulting in the areas of board development, strategic planning, program design and team building.

julius erolin works with clients across public and private sectors in the United States and United Kingdom to leverage the value of differences to achieve better results and improve performance.

Amer Ahmed uses his many talents as a Hip-Hop activist, spoken word poet, and college administrator to help his clients recognize and dismantle systems

of inequality and discrimination.

Tara Dowd has built an unmatched expertise around developing strategic solutions to equity issues across organizational systems.  

Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid  specializes in developing cutting edge solutions to build and sustain highly effective programs designed to build individual and organizational capacity to navigate and bridge cultural differences.

From the Arabic root word “U-M” which means “mother” and “community.” We are all part of one community, with a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. At the root of community, is communication. It is our diverse life experiences and stories that enrich dialogue of the larger community and it is here, that One Ummah Consulting focuses on providing tools and building skills to expand.

Our water drop logo represents the concept that from one drop, the ripples can travel very far. Our actions can have a lasting and far-reaching effect. It is also a reminder that a small, but consistent action can, like the water drop, produce very dramatic change. Just as a drop of water can change the shape of a stone, so too can our efforts bring dramatic change to our organizations and communities.


In carrying out this mission, we design and implement trainings, workshops, and other innovative strategies

to empower, challenge, inspire, liberate and ultimately transform individuals and organizations to act in ways that

promote the achievement of their full potential. We also provide organizational development and consultation

services to organizations to assist in their development of a multicultural and inclusive organization.

BJ Shelton is a skilled human resources professional who focuses on leadership-based education, coaching, organizational development, assessment and e-learning programs.

Phyllis Braxton has been helping clients across the country build diverse and inclusive learning and work environments by engaging her audiences in challenging, interactive, and supportive learning experiences.

Roxanne DeLille channels her unique gifts as an executive coach, an experienced consultant and a skilled facilitator, to help bring out the best in her clients.

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Sara Schonwald believes that when we know how to connect with each other across differences, we can work together to create something far bigger than the sum of our parts. 


"Change is inevitable - Progress is optional"

One Ummah