Sara Schonwald

"Change is inevitable - Progress is optional"


Sara Schonwald believes that when we know how to connect with each other across differences, we can work together to create something far bigger than the sum of our parts.  As principal and founder of Listen to Lead Consulting, Sara empowers individuals and groups to build stronger connections and create meaningful change.

She uses a variety of methods, including the Intercultural Development Inventory, to coach individuals to becoming more effective leaders, and groups to becoming higher performing teams. She also works with leaders to design and facilitate change around complex issues in their organization or community.  Sara pays special attention to the process of creating change—not just the ultimate product of that process.

Prior to founding Listen to Lead Consulting, Sara had many roles in the education sector: classroom teacher, department chair, teacher trainer, teacher coach, community facilitator, and family liaison.  Central to her work was serving as a champion for equity and supporting the leadership development of students, teachers, and families. 

Sara is a trainer and design team member of the Blandin Foundation’s Community Leadership Programs.  She is also a trained practitioner of Art of Hosting, Restorative Justice Circle Keeping, and is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.  Additionally, Sara is the founder of Commit Kindness.  She earned a B.A. in Psychology from George Washington University, and an M.A. in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education.

In addition to consulting, Sara serves on the board of the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Minneapolis section.  She enjoys running, biking, and being active outside in all seasons.  She lives in Minneapolis with her family.